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Latest news:

Sarkanniemi amusement park has just released plans to build a new roller coaster for the season 2003, called Half-Pipe. It is U-shaped, 30 meters tall coaster. The ride contains two adjacent cars, which are free spinning and run back and forth the track. The coaster is LIM (linear induction motor) powered.

The ride is manufactured by Intamin, with a price tag around 3.4 million Euros. The construction is due to start during this season, and the first test runs should take place at the end of this year (2002). Intamin has never manufactured half-pipe-style coasters, so no photos are available at the moment. However, Vekoma has made a similar ride called Hammerhead Stall. Click here for great photos of the ride on

Half-Pipe will be Sarkanniemi's fifth roller coaster, along with Jet Star, Corkscrew, Speedy Snake and Tornado.

We shall follow the construction of the ride on this page once it begins.