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Updated 20.6.99

The rides of the amusement parks and travelling fairs are expensive machinery. Some brand new rides could cost way above 2 million dollars. One can really ask who is such a sucker that spends 2 million for the ride? By investing the same amount of money in stock market he could gain so much revenues that he wouldn't have to work for the rest of his life.

Luckily these fools still exist, who love the business and are willing to entertain the rest of us. The best way to appreciate these individuals is to buy one more ticket for the ride, eat one more hot dog and play one more game.

The next table gives the approximate prices of the rides when bought brand new from the factory. These prices are estimates, and are based on the advertised prices of the manufacturers and the values of the used rides.

There are many factors that determine the final price of certain ride, for example techical requirements, novelty value, competitors, popularity, safety requirements... The other important factor is the business area of the operator. The portable rides of the travelling fairs are about 25% more expensive than the stationary rides of the amusement parks.


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