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Updated 10.09.00

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Alandsparken Ålandsparken in Mariehamn

Alandsparken is located in the city of Mariehamn, on the beautiful Aland Islands between Finland and Sweden. Aland is an autonomous province of Finland, but it is closer to Sweden both mentally and geographically. Mariehamn is a perfect place to spend a holiday and it offers several attractions along with the amusement park. Cruises between Finland and Sweden cost practically nothing, and you are able to visit three amusement parks during one trip: Grona Lund in Stockholm, Alandsparken in Mariehamn and Linnanmaki in Helsinki.

Alandsparken locates next to Viking Line and Silja Line terminals. As a matter of fact, from the park you can actually see these giant cruisers entering the harbour. The amusement park itself is a great place for the families with children. There are some major rides in the park but most of the rides are intended for the kids. There are also plenty of other attractions in the area, a large games arcade and a restaurant.

Pay one price wristbands are available, and I recommend these for the kids. However, for the adults it may be more economical to pay as you go.

Contact details

Address: Alands Tivoli Ab, Mockelobrinken 11, FIN-22100 Mariehamn, Finland
Phone: +358 18 13713 or +358 18 17913
Telefax: +358 18 17613


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted) The line between the major rides is usually a matter of opinion
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
Dodgem trackMini Roller CoasterElf Carousel
Super HangMajor Tom
Nautic JetsCups and Saucers
El Paso Train
Mini Jets
Bouncy Castle


The images were taken in summer 1999.

big_hang.jpg 71k

Super Hang

Super Hang is one of the major rides in the park. This Paratrooper is a lifting version. There are also Paratroopers in Tykkimaki amusement parks and in the Sariola's, Seitera's and Suuronen's carnivals.

big_dodgem.jpg 43k

Dodgem Track

Bumper Cars are located on top of the hill.

big_twister.jpg 64k


You can experience high velocities in this ride.

big_nautic.jpg 92k

Nautic Jets

Nautic Jets are the classic Shoot-the-Chutes rides in a modern form. Your boat is towed on top of the lift hill where it is released. At the end of the track there is a ramp and you fly in the air until you splash into the water. There are two Nautic Jets side by side and they are operated by tokens.

big_bergbana.jpg 57k

Mini Roller Coaster

Miniature version of the roller coaster is manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_tomte.jpg 75k

Elf Carousel

This carousel is intended for the small children.

big_gallop.jpg 62k


Another carousel for the kids.

big_elpaso.jpg 89k

El Paso Train

El Paso train goes through the mushroom.

big_majortom.jpg 64k

Major Tom

Kiddie ferris wheel Major Tom looks great. I would had liked to ride it too. Manufactured by Modern Products, England.

big_saucers.jpg 58k

Cups and Saucers

No amusement park or carnival is complete without the cups and saucers ride.

big_minijets.jpg 78k

Mini Jets

Mini Jets are the miniature version of the great Allen Herschell ride, Hurricane. Jets are manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_tiger.jpg 75k

Bouncy Castle

This tiger may eat you alive if you do not take your shoes off.

big_boats.jpg 60k

Bumper Boats

Bumper boats are coin operated rides.

big_disney.jpg 13k

Disney Show

There are many attractions in the park other than rides. Disney Show includes famous Disney Characters.

big_princess.jpg 60k

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

This castle is another example of the fairytale related attractions.

The park also includes a minigolf-track, coin operated miniature cars, climbing wall, Hansel's and Grethel's house, Little Red Riding Hood's house, slide and a small zoo.