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Updated 10.09.00

Images of the park

The East City amusement park features no rides for the adults, but it is the only indoor amusement park in southern Finland. It is located in the East City shopping mall, in the suburb of Helsinki. The park shares the building with a big video arcade. You can drop your kids there while shopping, or... your better admit it, playing the coin operated machines. Admission is free.

In the early nineties there used to be a proper indoor amusement park Fanfaari in Kerava, but it went bankrupt after just couple of years of operation.


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted). It is impossible to draw a line between the major rides in some cases
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
Flight CommanderFun House
Miniature Train
Forumula 1 cars


The images were taken in 1996.

big_karusell.jpg 71k


big_flight.jpg 97k

Flight Commander

big_juna.jpg 28k

Miniature Train

big_bumper.jpg 84k

Kiddie Dodgem Track

big_funhouse.jpg 67k

"Fun House"

Little Fun House