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Updated 12.05.01

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Seitera's carnival in Myyrmaki Seitera is one of the oldest carnival operators in Finland. It is also the third biggest after Suomen Tivoli and Sariola. Seitera has completely renewed its rides during the last two seasons. Usually additional reinforcements come from Swedish carnivals in autumn when their season ends.

However, Seitera has enough good rides of their own. American made Hustler and Scrambler are quite infrequent sights this side of the ocean. Paratrooper and Tilt-A-Whirl are familiar classics for everyone. There are also many rides for the kids and some games stands. More rides are coming every season.

Contact details

Address: Tivoli Seitera, Koroistentie 6 F 5, 00280 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 400 415422 or +358 19 422499


Seitera's carnival has been founded by Lauri Seitera who is the grand old man of the finnish amusement business. He was the foster child of the Sariola family. During the WW2 he used to be the operational manager of the Sariola's carnival near the eastern front, which entertained soldiers. Soon after the war Mr. Seitera turned indipendent and organized fairs around the country.

Lauri Seitera was also one of the original operators in the new Linnanmaki amusement park in early 1950's. He had several games stands and attractions. His most popular attraction was the (in)famous Mermaid Hall. The beautiful, half-naked young ladies lied in the platforms above large water tanks. The audience tried to hit balls to the trigger the mechanism that dropped the screaming girls into the water.

Mr. Seitera founded his own travelling fair in 1966. He also operated a permanent amusement park in the very same location where Sarkanniemi amusement park is located today.

Lauri Seitera managed his fair until the mid 1980s. Many current carnival operators learned the business as an employee for Mr. Seitera. He died in 1991, but his son Tuomo Seitera carries on the family tradition. Tuomo Seitera purchased plenty of new rides in the early 1990's, and succeed to made his enterprise one of the finest in the country.


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted) The line between the major rides is usually a matter of opinion
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
HustlerChair-o-PlaneBouncy Castle
ScramblerCaterpillar TrainInflatable Slide
WaltzerCups and Saucers
Tilt-A-WhirlAnimal Carousel
ParatrooperElephant Carousel
Dodgem TrackTruck Convoy


The images were taken between 1995-2000. The year after the name of the ride indicates the first season in operation. Thanks to Tuomo Seitera for the ride information.

big_hustler.jpg 54k

Hustler, 1992

This ride used to be in Lund's carnival, Sweden. Probably manufactured by Watkins, USA. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

big_scram2.jpg 72k

Scrambler, 1991

This is ex-Lindstrom Tivoli ride. Manufactured by Eli Bridge (Big Eli), USA. Click here, to see how to build it up.

vauhti_big.jpg 43k

Waltzer, 1966

European version of Tilt-A-Whirl. Brits and Americans argue which was the first, Waltzers or Tilt-A-Whirls. I place my bets on the Waltzers. One of these used to be in the Linnanmaki amusement park when it was founded.

big_ketju.jpg 84k

Chair-o-Plane, 1992

For the kids only

big_toukka.jpg 53k

Caterpillar Train, 1991

Manufactured by SW Amusement Sales, England.

big_kahvi.jpg 26k

Cups and Saucers, 1991

Manufactured by SW Amusement Sales, England.

big_ankka.jpg 70k

Animal Carousel, 1991

Another SW Amusement Sales ride

big_tilt.jpg 42k

Tilt-A-Whirl, 1998

Real Tilt-A-Whirls are manufactured by Sellner. Tilts have been around since the 1920's.

big_tilt2.jpg 70k

Marilyn, James Dean ja Harley Davidson

Tilt-A-Whirl has been re-painted for the season 2000. The cars include images of Elvis, John Wayne, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Harley Davidson, 50-luvun Cadillac and Wurlitzer 1100-jukebox.

big_pilvi.jpg 72k

Paratrooper, 1998

This Paratrooper is an upleft model. The lifting version is called the Airborn. One of those (the first prototype ever made) is operating in the Tykkimaki amusement park.

big_slide.jpg 31k

Fun Slide, 1998

You could by a car for the price of this inflatable ride.

big_fantti.jpg 73k

Elephant Carousel, 1998

big_jaffa.jpg 56k

Bouncy Castle

big_rekka.jpg 57k

Truck Convoy, 1999

Adults can ride the trucks too. Manufactured by SBF, Italy.

big_autorata2.jpg 58k

Dodgem Track, 2000

Track is manufactured by Majestic, USA, cars by Bertazzon.