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Updated 11.04.01

Contact details
Lost but not forgotten rides

A view from the Ferris Wheel

If Suomen Tivoli (the Finnish Carnival) was a permanent amusement park, it would be the fourth biggest in the country. However, it's not a park but a travelling carnival. It is owned by the Sariola family who has operated travelling fairs and circuses for a century in Finland. Another branch of the same family owns the rivalling carnival, Tivoli Sariola. Suomen Tivoli has its winter quarters just couple of miles from the home of your most humble webmaster.

The carnival has got a brilliant website of their own with complete technical details of the rides. Please check it out, there is an english version available.

Contact details

Address: Suomen Tivoli, Tivolintie 9, 01560 Maantiekylä, Finland
Phone: +358 9 8273778 or +358 9 8273776
Telefax: +358 401 208196


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted) The line between the major rides is usually a matter of opinion
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
TrombiSamba BalloonClown AroundSupra
Big WheelFlying DragonCoke RaceZoo
Bumper CarsCrazy WormHorse CarouselBouncy Castle
SombreroClown Chair-o-PlaneBall Pond
GravitronToy Carousel
Hot WheelsLadybird
SizzlerPorkie Train
Giant WheelChair-o-Plane
Kiddie Ferris Wheel
Pit Stop


The images were taken between 1995-1998. The year after the name of the ride indicates the first season in operation. Thanks to Jyrki Sariola and Petri sariola for the ride information and Markku Jaaskelainen for the pictures of the older rides and set up images.

big_gravitro.jpg 81k

Gravitron, 1989

Gravitron arrived in the middle of the season 1989. Manufactured by ARM (UK) Ltd.

big_hotwheel.jpg 70k

Hot Wheels, 1998

Manufactured by ARM (UK) Ltd.

big_bumper.jpg 58k

Dodgem Track, 1989

The track is built by Barbieri, the cars are manufactured by Bertazzon.

big_maailma.jpg 77k

Ferris Wheel

The old ferris wheel is replaced by the Giant Wheel nowadays. However, the fair still has the old wheel in their possession.

big_giant.jpg 80k

Giant Wheel, 1998

This giant Ferris Wheel is bigger than any Ferris Wheel in Finnish amusement parks. It's the biggest wheel in the world that is transported by road. Manufactured by Fabbri, Italy.

big_sizzler.jpg 65k

Twister, 1988

The original name of this ride is Sizzler. Sizzlers are made by Wisdom Industries, USA. However, this ride has been manufactured under licence by PWS Manufacturing, England, which was taken over by ARM (UK) Ltd.

big_sombrero.jpg 49k

Sombrero, 1996

Sombrero replaced the Octopus 1996. Manufactured by Soriani & Moser, Italy.

big_supra.jpg 55k

Supra, 1988

This Fun House is manufactured by MMS, USA. Please send me mail if you know anything about this company.

big_samba.jpg 87k

Samba Balloon, 1994

There is a similar ride in the Linnanmaki amusement park. This ride is a year older and is portable. Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_dragon.jpg 77k

Flying Dragon, 1990

Another ride by Soriani & Moser.

big_hevos.jpg 89k

Carousel, 1987

This kiddie carousel is manufactured by I.E. Park, Italy.

big_cokerace.jpg 96k

Coke Race, 1990

Manufactured by Claudio Sartori, Italy.

big_clown.jpg 43k

Clown Around, 1990

The Tykkimaki amusement park also features Clow Around. Manufactured by Zamperla.

big_lady.jpg 87k

Ladybird, 1973

Manufactured by Modern Products, England.

big_lulla.jpg 81k

Toy Carousel, 1992

Manufactured by Sartori, Italy.

big_ketju.jpg 89k


This Chair-O-Plane is one of the oldest amusement rides in Finland. It's been manufactured in Germany where it was purchased in 1920's. This ride entertained solders during the WW2 in the eastern front. The ride has been renowated several times but the frame is more or less original.

big_possu.jpg 82k

Porkie Train

Porkies have been manufactured by Zamperla.

big_pelle.jpg 57k

Clown Chair-O-Plane

For very young juveniles only

big_zoo.jpg 77k


Zoo is not a ride but a real zoo in miniature size. Inside the trailer there are snakes, lizards and other reptiles. Outdoors you'll find horses, goats and some other animals.

big_bouncy.jpg 90k

Adventure Bouncy Castle

This is no ordinary bouncy castle. It includes extra walls and holes inside.

big_pond.jpg 62k

Ball Pond

This bouncy castle is filled with soft balls.

big_worm63.jpg 69k

Crazy Worm, 2000

Crazy Worm is a kiddie roller coaster. The best sections of the track are immediately before and after the sation. The typical ride takes three laps. This coaster is manufactured by Sartori, Italy. Click here, to see how to build Crazy Worm up, or click here, to study it's operating principle.

big_trombi.jpg 51k

Trombi, 2000

Trombi works as Rainbow. It goes even faster and higher, but the safety harnesses are so tight, that it lacks the feeling of free fall. Manufactured by Sartori, Italy.

big_lastenmp.jpg 90k

Kiddie Ferris Wheel, 2001

This must be the most beautiful ride of Suomen Tivoli. Parents can ride it too. Manufactured by Sartori, Italy.

big_pitstop.jpg 75k

Pit Stop, 2001

Another new ride for the children. The vehicles include trucks, Jeeps and Formula 1 cars. Manufactured by Sartori, Italy.

Lost but not forgotten rides

These are some of the ex-Suomen Tivoli rides:

big_skymaste.jpg 58k

Skymaster, 1991

Skymaster was replaced by the Trombi. Manufactured by ARM (UK) Ltd.

big_octopus.jpg 150k


Octopus has been sold to the Far East. It operates in Thailand at the moment. It was replaced by Sombrero in 1996. Manufactured by Soriani & Moser, Italy.

big_caves.jpg 86k

Magic Caves

Sadly, Magic Caves spook train has also been replaced, by Hot Wheels in 1997.

big_cinema.jpg 28k

Cinema 180

Pic: Markku Jaaskelainen

big_dragon2.jpg 122k

Dragon roller coaster

Pic: Markku Jaaskelainen

big_musicbob.jpg 117k


Pic: Markku Jaaskelainen

big_orbiter.jpg 77k


Pic: Markku Jääskeläinen