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Updated 10.09.00

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Tivoli Suuronen Saarijärvellä Suuronen's carnival is among the four major tarvelling carnivals in Finland. It was founded by a legendary Wall of Death driver, Onni Suuronen. Originally he was working for J.A.F. Sariola as a blacksmith. Mr. Sariola had just purchased a wall of death attraction, but could not find any drivers for it. Onni Suuronen proposed, that he could try it, and was hired on the spot. He did well and it was the beginning of one of the most famous daredevil numbers in Finland.

Eventually Onni Suuronen turned indipendent and started to travel around the country with his own Wall of Death. One of the shows took place in Linnanmaki amusement park when it opened the gates in 1950. When his son Kalevi grow old, he joined his father in the act that included cars and motorcycles.

The Suuronen's carnival is now concentrating on conventional rides. Onni Suuronen is retired, but Kalevi Suuronen manages the business. There are even rumours that Kalevi is planning to start the Wall of Death act again with his own son.

Contact details

Address: Jokirinteentie 31, 41930 KUOHU
Phone: +358 40 596 2541 or +358 40 732 7784


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted) The line between the major rides is usually a matter of opinion
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
TwisterNeptuneAnimal Carousel
Auto Swings
Bouncy Castle 1
Bouncy Castle 2


Thanks to Markku Jaaskelainen for all the pictures on this page.

big_airborn1.jpg 153k


This is a lifting Paratrooper. There is a similar ride in Tykkimaki. There are at least two other paratroopers in Finland, but they are not lifting versions. Manufactured by Hrubetz.

big_airborn2.jpg 87k


Smaller version of Paratrooper, by unknown manufacturer.

big_auto.jpg 56k

Auto Swings

This kiddie swing ride also contains animals.

big_neptune.jpg 68k


Neptune is a submarine simulator.

big_juna.jpg 80k

Train and Bouncy Castle

Suuronen has got two Bouncy Castles.

big_suihkio.jpg 109k

Mini Jets

Manufactured by Sartori, but I don't know the original name. Send me Email if you know it.

Animal Carousel

Animal Carousel

Probably every amusement park and carnival have this ride. Manufactured by SW Amusement Sales, England.

big_tagada.jpg 85k


There used to be a full size Takada in Sarkanniemi amusement park.

big_twisters.jpg 86k


Good ole Twister. Sariola's carnival owned this ride years ago.