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Updated 10.09.00

Contact details
Images of Sarkanniemi

The park is located on a beautiful
	water-front The Sarkanniemi Amusement Park is located in Tampere, the second largest city in Finland. The amusement park is just one of the many attractions in the area. You can join 1.5 million annual guests and also visit the observation tower (1971), dolphinarium (1985), zoo (1970), planetarium (1969), aquarium (1969) and Rapid's ride (1999) which are all within short walking distance from the park. Pay one price tickets are available for the amusement park, and for all the attractions in the location, including the amusement park.

The park is owned by the city of Tampere. It was opened 1975. In the early years the park co-operated with the rivalling Linnanmaki park. Some of the original rides were even leased to Linnanmaki for the season 1974, before Sarkanniemi was opened. The co-operation between the parks ended 1984.

Contact details

Address: Tampereen Sarkanniemi Oy, 33230 Tampere, Finland
Phone: +358 3 2488212 or +358 3 2488213
Telefax: +358 3 2235137


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted) The line between the major rides is usually a matter of opinion
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
TroikaKrinolineCups and SaucersHall of Mirrors
Log RiverCrazy BusPorky TrainFun House
CorkscrewCaramel CarouselLadybird 1Cinema 180
Dodgem trackSpeedy SnakeMushroom
Wiking(Chair-o-plane)Truck Convoy
HurricaneRed Baron
WaltzerRegatta Carousel
Wave SwingerOld Cars
Flying CarpetLadybird 2
FrisbeeTurtle Train
Sky Flyer(Pirat)
Jet Star
Magic River
Ghost Train
(Water Flume)


The photos were shot in seasons 1997, 1999 and 2000. Thanks to Timo Makinen, Volker Drexler, Michael Pantenburg and Raimo Granfors for ride information

big_troika.jpg 71k


Troika is one of the original rides of the park. Manufactured by Huss, Germany

big_tukki.jpg 126k

Log River

The Log River was entirely constructed by the park. It was the first proper water ride in Finland

big_corkscrew.jpg 59k


Corkscrew is the only roller coaster in Finland with inversions. Manufactured by Vekoma, Netherlands.

big_bumper.jpg 36k

Le Manse

The bumper cars are manufactured by Bertazzon, Italy.

big_wiking.jpg 111k


Manufactured by Zierer.

big_hurrican.jpg 79k


Manufactured by Mondial, Holland.

big_hurveli.jpg 74k


ARM UK Ltd made this traditional style waltzer / tilt-a-whirl.

big_turtle.jpg 37k

Turtle Train

Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_swing.jpg 118k

Wave Swinger

There are similar ride in Tykkimaki amusement park, Kouvola. Manufactured by Josef Zierer, Germany.

big_aika.jpg 75k

Flying Carpet

Manufactured by Zierer, Germany.

big_frisbee.jpg 65k


Frisbee replaced Superbowl in 2000, that operated only three years at the park. Frisbee is manufactured by Huss, Germany.

big_skyflyer.jpg 45k

Sky Flyer

Manufactured by Vekoma, Netherlands.

big_jet-a.jpg 74k

Jet Star 1

Jet Star is a portable ride, so basically it could be dismantled and moved to another site. The curves are extremely tight, so this is definitely the wildest roller coaster in Finland. Manufactured by Schwarzkopf, Germany.

big_taika.jpg 90k

Magic River

A slow water ride for those who do not like to get wet.

big_klinna.jpg 92k

Ghost Train

This dark ride is Manufactured my Modern Products, England.

big_krino.jpg 52k


This ride has the most beautiful location one can imagine. Manufactured by Gerstlauer, Germany. Distributed by Wieland Schwarzkopf.

big_crazybus.jpg 74k

Crazy Bus

Flying Carpet for the juveniles. Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_caramel.jpg 99k

Caramel Carousel

Manu factured by Bertazzon, Italy.

big_speedy.jpg 98k

Speedy Snake

Roller coaster for the kids. Manufactured by Zierer, Germany.

big_teacups.jpg 47k

Cups and Saucers

This Cups and Saucers ride is manufactured by Soriani & Moser, Italy. Practically every manufacturer of the world have their own version of this ride.

big_porky.jpg 60k

Porky Train

Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_lady1.jpg 118k


Ladybirds are everywhere. They must have made Modern Products a wealthy company!

big_lady2.jpg 135k


Another Ladybird within short distance. Manufactured by Modern Products, England.

big_tatti.jpg 96k


Another ride by Modern Products.

big_rekka.jpg 62k

Truck Convoy

Manufactured by Cosetto, Italy.

big_redbaron.jpg 63k

Red Baron

Manufactured by Soriani & Moser, Italy.

big_regatta.jpg 83k

Regatta Carousel

Manufactured by Soriani & Moser, Italy.

big_kantti.jpg 77k

Old Cars

Manufactured by Ihle.

big_peili.jpg 50k

Hall of Mirrors

Watch out for the bottomless well!

big_metkula.jpg 70k

Fun House

The fun house is targeted for kids, mainly.

big_cinema.jpg 76k

Cinema 180

Good old Cinema 180 can still beat most of the "virtual rides" that include the first class hydraulic seats, but show disappointing computer animations. I enjoyed the roller coaster film more than the real thing that rise around the cinema building, incidentally. Manufactured by Vergnugungsbert. (Yes, I'm sure I got it left)

There are also some rides outside the park

big_koski.jpg 83k

Rapid's Ride

This water flume is located between the observation tower and the zoo.

big_pirat.jpg 142k

Pirate Boat

Children's version of the popular ride. This ride is located in front of the dolphinarium. Similar rides can be found in Linnanmaki and Wasalandia amusement parks. Manufactured by Modern Products, England.

big_hoijakka.jpg 58k

Chair-o-Plane and Observation Tower

Chair-o-Plane is located inside the zoo.

Lost but not forgotten rides

These rides has been removed from Sarkanniemi:

big_apina.jpg 95k

Monkey carousel

Manufactured by Claudio Sartori, Italy.

big_ufo.jpg 83k


Manufactured by Sartori, Italy.

big_bowl.jpg 112k


Superbowl was leased by the park and it operated between 1997 - 1999. It was replaced by Frisbee. Manufactured by A.R.M. UK Ltd, England