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Updated 07.08.01

Contact details
Images of Tykkimaki
Lost but not forgotten rides

View from the Taifun The Tykkimaki amusement park locates in Kouvola, eastern part of Finland. Park has less rides than Linnanmaki or Sarkanniemi parks, but in some sense this park is the finest in the country. First, the appearance and the athmosphere of the park is fantastic. Second, there are less visitors which means less chaos, no queues for the rides, the ride times are considerably longer and they start the ride if there are just a few passengers aboard. In the same amount of time you can have at least twice as much fun as in the other parks.

The third, but most importand factor, is that the park houses many good old classic rides. All these rides are the ones you really miss when they get removed from your favorite park. However, there are plenty of new rides around as well. The park has also a terrarium with exotic birds, reptiles and even alligators, midway games and a games arcade. Pay one price wrist bands are available inside the park.

Tykkimaki amusement park opened its gates in the year 1986. It's the sisterpark of Linnanmaki amusement park, since both parks have the same owner, Children's Day Foundation. This is the sole reason why there are so many ex-Linnanmaki classics in the park, like Hurricane, lifting Paratrooper, Cortina-Jet, Round Up, Calypso, Enterprise, etc. The number of annual visitors is 200 000.

Contact details

Address: Tykkimaki amusement park, P.O. Box 24, 45201 Kouvola, Finland
Phone: +358 5 778700
Telefax: +358 5 7787266


The rides are classified in four categories:
1) Major rides (children are not allowed alone or not allowed at all)
2) Family rides (children are allowed alone, but adults are also permitted) The line between the major rides is usually a matter of opinion
3) Children's rides (adults are not allowed)
4) Attractions (other than rides)

Major rides Family rides Children's rides Attractions
AirbornHorse CarouselMini CarsFun House
EnterpriseWater SlideFrog TrailHall of Mirrors
Cortina JetHully GullyMystery House
HurricaneTurtle TrainMaze
TaifunKiddie OctopusTerrarium
Round UpClown Around(Zoo)
Wave SwingerTraffic City
Bumper CarsBumper Boats
Orient ExpressPump Pump
Bouncy Castle
Boyncy mattress


The images were taken in 1997, 2000 and 2001. The years indicate when the rides arrived to the park. Thanks to Michael Pantenburg, Volker Drexler and Victor Canfield for the ride information.

big_airborn.jpg 68k

Airborn, 1988

This Airborn is the very first lifting Paratrooper ever made. It originally came to Linnanmaki amusement park 1962. Manufactured by Frank Hrubetz.

big_cortina.jpg 131k

Cortina-Jet, 1988

Also known as Bayern Curve. Cortina-Jet used to be in Linnanmaki between 1970 and 1987. It was replaced by Breakdance. Manufactured by Schwarzkopf, Germany.

big_hurrican.jpg 66k


This is the all time favourite ride of the webmaster, your most humble servant. Hurricane is another ex-Linnanmaki ride from 1955 to 1978. It disappeared for years, but finally got a new life if Kouvola. Manufactured by Kaspar Klaus, Germany. The official name of the ride is Roto-Jet, but this one is most likely named after the Allen Herschell Hurricanes.

big_condor.jpg 75k

Taifun, 1986

Also known as the Condor. Manufactured by Huss, Germany.

big_roundup.jpg 95k

Round Up, 1986

Tykkimaki is the third major amusement park for this very same Round Up. It arrived Linnanmaki amusement park 1960 and was moved to Sarkanniemi park year 1977. Manufactured by Hrubetz.

big_wave.jpg 69k

Wave Swinger

There is a similar ride in Sarkanniemi, but it was manufactured by Zierer. This ride is manufactured by Zamperla.

big_bumper.jpg 73k

Bumper Cars, 1986

It is most likely, that this very same dodgem building was located to Linnamaki 1968. Between 1982 and 1984 it operated in Kalajoki. Manufactured by Claudio Sartori

big_calypso.jpg 108k

Calypso, 1986

Calypso is even better than it's predecessor, Breakdance. This ride has also been operated in Linnanmaki amusement park, 1967...1974. Calypso is extremely rare ride these days. Send me Email if you happen to know another Calypsos. Manufactured by Anton Schwarzkopf, Germany.


Terrarium, 1987

In Terrarium you'll find exotic birds, reptiles and even alligators.

big_pikajuna.jpg 109k

Orient Express, 1989

This ride is manufactured by the same company than the City Experess in Linnamaki. However, Orient expess is one year older. Manufactured by Mack.

big_heppa.jpg 79k

Horse Carousel, 1987

Manufacruder by Melle L'Autopede Gent Gand.

big_minicars.jpg 69k


For kids only

big_kusti.jpg 118k

Frog Trail

The cars on this track are basically bicycles. You have to pedal in order to got it through!

big_hully.jpg 123k

Hully Gully, 1986

This ride amused kids 1984 and 1985 in Linnanmaki. It was replaced by Apollo. Manufactured by Claudio Sartori, Italy.

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors, 1986

This attraction contains traditional mirrors with distorted images.

big_turtle.jpg 72k

Turtle Train, 1988

Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_muste.jpg 57k

Kiddie Octopus, 1997

Octopus used to be in Linnanmaki until 1996. Manufactured by Barbieri.

big_clown.jpg 66k

Clown Around

The Suomen Tivoli travelling fair has got a similar ride. Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_veneet.jpg 47k

Bumper Boats

For kids only

big_raitti.jpg 87k

Traffic City

Traffic City contains miniature vehicles and streets for kids. The building in the background is Cinema 180, that was located in Tykkimaki 1989. It no longer contain any film equipment.

big_talo.jpg 46k

Fun House, 1986

In this house everything is upside down.

big_sokkelo.jpg 53k

Maze, 1986

big_orbit.jpg 76k

Orbit Cars

Orbit cars are coin operated. Manufactured by Tornado International.

Mystery House

Mystery House, 1997

Mystery House contains optical and audio-visual illusions. Most of the tricks inside used to be in Linnanmaki amusement park between 1989 - 1996.

big_apollo.jpg 89k

Apollo, 1998

Apollo was operating in Linnanmaki between 1986-1997.

big_enterprise.jpg 80k

Enterprise, 1999

Enterprise operated in Linnanmaki between 1975 and 1998. Manufactured by Anton Schwarzkopf, Germany.

big_pump.jpg 61k

Pump Pump, 2000

Pump Pump is a Space Shot for the children. Manufactured by Zamperla, Italy.

big_slide.jpg 94k

Water Slide, 2001

The slide has two different tracks. You go down on tiny rafts.

big_zoo.jpg 82k

Zoo, 2000

Zoo is a free of charge attraction. There are sheep, goats, pigs and even a pony for the youngsters to ride.

big_castle.jpg 66k

Bouncy Castle

This castle is also free of charge.

big_patja.jpg 45k

Bouncy Mattress

If you still got some energy left, you can continue with the bouncy mattress.

Lost but not forgotten rides

big_discojet.jpg 65k

Disco Jet

Disco Jet operated in Tykkimaki until 1998. It was leased from Skogh, Sweden. Please Email me if you know the manufacturer of this ride.